the Degree Confluence Project

United States : Illinois

2.4 miles (3.9 km) NE of Rutland, La Salle, IL, USA
Approx. altitude: 208 m (682 ft)
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Antipode: 41°S 91°E

Accuracy: 32 m (104 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: Road looking East #3: More of the same to the South #4: West to the setting sun #5: Best of the GPS in the existing lighting

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  41°N 89°W (visit #3)  

#1: General CP and North looking

(visited by Al Schwarz, Suzanne(wife) and Mary(daughter))

25-Aug-2007 -- Saturday August 25, 2007. Another year has come and gone. And another trip to get kids back to school. Collage is in Bourbonnais. Friday was an eleven hour drive from Minneapolis and we got there at midnight. After and exhausting day of emptying the trailer, making a run to Joilet to get two people that wouldn’t fit in the car and clearing out the contents of a storage garage of things left at the end of the last school year,we were on our way to Washington, IL for the night. With a deliberate trip past CP N41 W89.

There were four of the party of five of in the car when we got there, Suzanne, my wife, Mary my daughter and her boy friend Jason. I had missed one turn that might have been paved to catch the next one that was not. It didn’t go through. Back track some east to a way to get south all on these wonderful one lane gravel roads. One interesting railroad crossing in the absolute middle of nothing but corn was a sight to see. Finally heading south on County Hwy 7 to go east on North 5th Rd, PAVED road again. We approached the CP and stopped very near a farm house which had a seldom used but firm area of a utility road that wasn’t their driveway and parked.

Mary made notes of the surroundings, Jason and I did the picture taking and the wife wandered off to a pond south west. As is typical of the entire state of Illinois there was corn everywhere. There was some farm equipment setting there for what looked like a long time and an antique (old 3 meter) no longer needed satellite dish. In recent days there has been so much flooding we were even sent on a detour around some Friday night the shallow drainage ditches along side of the road were filled to capacity. Although there was not much in the ones by the CP no one in the part was willing to venture into the muck and mud. So we settled for the edge of the road and 32 meters with an accuracy of 5 meters. The setting sun is the indication of the late hour about 7:30. We had another adventure navigating from here to near Peoria on back roads. Thank God for GPS.

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#1: General CP and North looking
#2: Road looking East
#3: More of the same to the South
#4: West to the setting sun
#5: Best of the GPS in the existing lighting
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