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United States : Ohio

3.3 miles (5.2 km) W of North Hampton, Clark, OH, USA
Approx. altitude: 327 m (1072 ft)
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Antipode: 40°S 96°E

Accuracy: 4 m (13 ft)
Quality: good

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  40°N 84°W (visit #4)  

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(visited by Shawn Fleming)

08-Aug-2007 --

This would be the third of five confluences on a vacation trip to Twinsburg, Ohio for our first ever visit to the annual Twins Days Festival where our daughters would get to meet thousands of other twins.

We were northbound out of New Carlisle on Highway 235 or Dayton Lakeview Road. This was farm country with lots of corn growing on both sides of the road. There was a large cell tower at southwest corner of intersection with Troy Road just south of the confluence. We stopped and parked on the east side of the road only 23 meters from zero. The confluence itself was just inside the tree line and on the other side of a wire fence. I climbed over the fence and found myself on a small animal trail within the brush. The heavy overhead foliage attenuated satellite visibility and made for a challenging confluence dance to achieve an all zero reading. I ended up with +/-4 meters with WAAS corrections.

Picture #1 looks north from a few meters west of the confluence. Picture #2 looks east – the confluence is just on the other side of the fence. Picture #3 looks south where you can see the cell tower. Picture #4 looks west at some of the corn that looked like it was ready to be harvested. Picture #5 shows my GPS position.

Another great confluence adventure! Onward to 42N 88W!

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