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6.7 km (4.2 miles) NNW of Ban Khao Khrai, Satun, Thailand
Approx. altitude: 134 m (439 ft)
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Antipode: 7°S 80°W

Quality: good

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  7°N 100°E  

#1: General - CP is at the leftmost rubber tree

(visited by Reto)

25-Nov-2006 --

After finishing repairs on the bike I felt I should take it for a test ride. How convenient that 7°N 100°E was close by. Lucky day, I could kill two birds with one stone!

I started on R3137 and turned left at Satun provincial road 4010 in direction of Manang. From there it was all paved roads and funnily I felt like going in circles around the CP, but always closing in.

'Circling around' I got as close as 800 meters to the CP on the bike. From that point a steep dirt road went in the direction of the CP. The FJ is not fit for dirt roads of that condition, so I continued on foot.

Picture 6 shows the road going up the hill. I took the picture this awkward way on purpose, just in case somebody would like to visit this CP. You'll be coming from the road on the right side of the barrack (that road didn't make it on the pic). Look for the green sign (construction description) and the Nr. 22 power pole :-)

The road quickly turned in a narrow path following a ridge and I was glad I left the FJ behind. The area is quite hilly and offers some nice views over the plantations in the area.

The path was more or less in line with the directions from the GPS up until 80 meters from the CP. From there the GPS pointed down a steep slope and I was guessing that the CP would be on the other side of that valley. For the next half hour I tried to find a way around that steep slope, hoping for a path or something that would take me over to the other side. But it was all dead ends either by rivers, landslides or thick jungle.

A bit dissatisfied I made back for the point where I was closest before. On the way there I looked at the slope and then it hit me: It was partly planted with rubber trees! Therefore there must be a path between the trees so the workers can move from tree to tree to tap for the latex.

Back at the point where I got the 80 meters reading, I made past the thick vegetation which formed a barrier between the path and the slope. And sure enough there was another path between the rubber trees.

I got closer and eventually found the CP. It's at the second last rubber tree of the plantation. Past the last tree it would have been thick vegetation again.

More information about the process of rubber production: by Joseph E. Armstrong, Professor of Botany, Illinois State University and by the Forestry Web People of The Australian National University; School of Resources, Environment and Society

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#1: General - CP is at the leftmost rubber tree
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