the Degree Confluence Project

Australia : New South Wales

1.3 km (0.8 miles) S of Boomey, NSW, Australia
Approx. altitude: 613 m (2011 ft)
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Antipode: 33°N 31°W

Quality: good

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#2: The proof #3: View to the North #4: View to the South #5: View to the East #6: View to the West

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  33°S 149°E (visit #2)  

#1: The spot

(visited by Stephan Theriault)

05-Feb-2007 -- We had a ball camping on mount Panorama and driving around the race track. It was my first time in Bathurst and we made the most of it. I also made sure I went to have a look at the cottage where Ben Chifley, former Prime minister of Australia lived. Just a humble abode for a humble man.

On the way to our confluence, we stopped at Orange for a bit of shopping and kept going. Heading north, we found a smaller dirt road that took us only about 400 metres from the place. Decidedly I've had a streak of good fortune recently finding all these roads that save me a lot of walking. Once again the landscape was parched. A couple of sheep were grazing on the rare clumps of grass they could find here and there and scampered off when they saw me coming.

I found the confluence point just before getting to the hill I was walking towards. It's not a bad scenery in that area, despite the drought. Another one in the bag and I'll have a go at 32S 149E tomorrow

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#1: The spot
#2: The proof
#3: View to the North
#4: View to the South
#5: View to the East
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