the Degree Confluence Project

Mexico : Sonora

20.7 km (12.9 miles) S of Bonancita, Sonora, Mexico
Approx. altitude: 629 m (2063 ft)
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Antipode: 30°S 68°E

Quality: good

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  30°N 112°W (visit #2)  

#1: South View

(visited by Guillermo Terrazas)

16-Sep-2006 -- As enthusiasts of all outdoor activities in the Nogales 4x4 Jeep Club, we decided to conquer 30N/112W the following month taking opportunity of the Independence Day Holiday in Mexico.

So, in the morning of September the 15th, a group formed by Guillermo Terrazas, Oscar Burgos, Arturo Arochi, Luis Davila, Arturo Mercado, Marcos Zazueta, Edgar Castañeda, David Chavarin, Ruben Chavarin, Pedro Solorio and Jesus Acosta left Nogales, Sonora. I confirmed my GPS was set to WGS84, and also reset the odometer to zero in order to record all the trip data. Then we took the International Highway 15 south to Santa Ana. Over there we purchased food, drinks, gas and other necessary supplies for the trip.

Then we took a dirt road to Trincheras, a small town south west of Santa Ana. Guided by the maps and the GPS, we headed south towards El Porvenir using several dirt roads. A few hours after, a bobcat crossed in front of us. That was great along with the beautiful scenery of the Sonora Desert. Then a Gila Monster, great !!. Late in the afternoon we arrived to a Ranch called Los Pozos. We met the owner Mr. Francisco Mendez Felix and his Son, Dagoberto Mendez Noriega. Since the ranch was very close to our destination and after explaining the owner the reason of our trip, they let us set our camp in their ranch. The next morning after a succulent breakfast, we left for our goal. Dagoberto had the keys of a gate we had to cross, great !. We drove through the desert trying not to damage the vegetation. Finally we got to the end of a creek and we stopped there; we were at a mere 230 meters from the confluence point. From there we walked guided by the GPS until we got to the point !. Hugs and screams was the context of the ambient full of joy. We made it !.

The first thing I did was to take a picture of the GPS laid on the ground to confirm the point. Then the group picture followed by the shots of the 4 different cardinal points, and finally a shot of Dagoberto and Myself. After that, we returned to the campsite were he told us about an abandoned road that could take us to Puerto Libertad, right on the Gulf of Cortes !. It took us couple minutes to take the decision and we departed to the ocean as we still had time left. A few hours after, we got there, eat lots of fresh shrimp and fish, took some pictures, filled out our jeeps and extra containers with gas, beverages in the coolers and returned to our campsite again. Around 4 PM and close to the campsite, we listened the voice of some of our club friends in the CB radios. They were lost, we guided them and we met at the ranch. They took a last minute decision and traveled to meet us. Our friends were Juan Carlos Mora, Sergio Fraijo, Rigoberto Arias, Carlos Mizquez, Hector Espinoza, Oswaldo Abril, Juan Canizales and Oscar Cayeros. Later that afternoon, I took them to the confluence point so they could also take some pictures.

Around a big bonfire we prepared a nice barbeque and had dinner and more beer to celebrate. Next morning we checked we had covered all the requisites and noted we still missed a picture of the area that should be taken less than 100 meters from the confluence point. Uff!, we almost missed this. Nice we checked this out before leaving the area.

We drove again and stopped in a nice elevation that was 50 to 60 meters from the point and presented a nice view too. I took the picture and returned. After this, we cleaned up the area and left for home. In the way back, another bobcat crossed in front of us. There might be plenty of food around for these friends we thought. Then a big antlered mule deer !. Thanks God for all these views !.

Mission accomplished !. There are more pictures in the club web page in case you want to check more pictures. Visit nogales4x4.com for reference.

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