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3.5 km (2.2 miles) ESE of Mombeja, Beja, Portugal
Approx. altitude: 171 m (561 ft)
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Antipode: 38°S 172°E

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: View to the East #3: View to the South #4: View to the West #5: Proof #6: Area view #7: On the way #8: Alentejo Landscape #9: Area Map

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  38°N 8°W (visit #2)  

#1: View to the North

(visited by Birgit Herbers, Michael Deppner, Mola the Dog and Lucy the Dog)

15-May-2006 -- At last, shortly before sundown, we succeeded on our second attempt to reach this confluence. Even if you are not the very first visitor, it still is a challenge, to find the exact spot. Since we tried to get there about a year ago without success, we knew, that we wouldn’t take the same approach again.

Instead we drove to Mombeja, a tiny village, where on this Monday afternoon nobody was seen outside. At the round-about we left the asphalt road and turned southeast on the first possibility. The road got bumpy, dusty and definitely not suitable for limousines. After about 4 km we stopped the “Pajero”, since there was no way to cross the freshly ploughed parts of the cornfields around us. Lucky for us, they were easier to walk on, than through the full-grown fields.

Mola, Michaels new dog, seemed to know, where we were going, always one step ahead. But the GPS knew better than her and made us cross some steep trenches between the fields, dried out, because the last rainfalls were at least 3 weeks ago. Unlike the first visitors on this confluence, we had to fight not against the rain, but against mosquitoes, dust and stinging parts of the freshly cut weeds. Also hay fever symptoms got prosperous and my summer sandals were not the kind of shoes I would recommend.

Since we hadn’t planned to visit the confluence, - we just happened to be in the neighbourhood -, the time was running short, daylight is precious for these tasks. About 1 km after leaving the jeep, the spot was reached, the landscape just wonderful, and we still had time and light to get our proofs, by taking the usual all around pictures.

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#1: View to the North
#2: View to the East
#3: View to the South
#4: View to the West
#5: Proof
#6: Area view
#7: On the way
#8: Alentejo Landscape
#9: Area Map
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