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5.4 km (3.4 miles) ESE of Compañía Laguna, Alto Paraná, Paraguay
Approx. altitude: 255 m (836 ft)
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Antipode: 25°N 125°E

Quality: good

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#2: east view #3: south view #4: west view #5: the proof #6: I at the CP point #7: the riders

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  25°S 55°W (visit #1)  

#1: north view

(visited by Dietmar Lilie and Rosane Lilie)

11-Jan-2006 -- For this confluence I was looking for something different, the idea was to increase the number of visited countries. The closest country and more convenient for me is the Paraguay.
Looking in Google Earth the confluence 25S 55W is in an open field with easy access. I invited my wife to visit the confluence and extended the trip until Vila Rica a Germany colonization in the region.
One access to Paraguay is in Foz do Iguaçu Brasilian side and Ciudad del Este in Paraguay side. This region is weary famous for the big falls from the Iguaçu River and the tax free shop in Ciudad del Este.
I drove about 800km until Foz do Iguaçu and 85km more until San Alberto. I visited San Alberto where we had lunch and planned the access to the confluence. San Alberto was founded by brazilians and about 90% are brazilians.
Few meter south of San Alberto, we entered in a small road in a soy field. After some kilometers the road was making an approximate circular path around CP with a distance of 4km. In my planning I concluded that the best access was approaching from north-west to avoid small rivers. I tried one small access but it was too bad for my car (a regular car). I went back and tried a road that I saw before. At this time the road direction was perfect. After some kilometers the end of the road was at 200m of the CP.
The CP was in a cow field. Looking around, I saw two people riding horse. One asked me something that I didn’t understand well. I was afraid, maybe I was in an unauthorized place. But when the person came nearly I understood that he was asking to open a fence gate, to make it easier to pass with the cows. I explained my intentions, and I was very gently received. I took the photos and finished my visit.

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#1: north view
#2: east view
#3: south view
#4: west view
#5: the proof
#6: I at the CP point
#7: the riders
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