the Degree Confluence Project

United States : Arizona

8.8 miles (14.2 km) NNW of Littlefield, Mohave, AZ, USA
Approx. altitude: 665 m (2181 ft)
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Antipode: 37°S 66°E

Accuracy: 10 m (32 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: View west #3: View north #4: View east #5: GPS position #6: Wind-blown sand on my return hike #7: View north towards confluence from under the power lines

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  37°N 114°W (visit #4)  

#1: View south down the Beaver Dam Wash

(visited by Shawn Fleming)

13-Mar-2005 -- This was the first in a series of four confluence visits defining a one degree by one degree square bounded by the 37 and 38th north parallels and the 113 and 114 west meridians. This "box" encompasses some outstanding scenery in southwestern Utah.

Northbound on Old US-91, I turned west on an unmarked dirt road at N37 00.666 W113 54.706 and past several signs identifying this as the "Old Morman Wagon Trail" I camped for the night and would set out first thing in the morning.

When I woke up, the wind was blowing so hard it was buffeting my Tahoe! I continued my drive along the dirt road until I reached a sharp drop-off into the Beaver Dam Wash at N36 58.675 W113 59.182 where I would park and hike the rest of the way. This is just east of the Morman Well and south of the large power lines. The water level was much lower than during Jack Frickey's recent visit making this much less of a challenge than he had experienced. Isn't timing everything? I was also thankful to be down in the valley and shielded from the strong winds.

I put on my Keen water shoes and set out for the confluence. It was a quick 1.7 mile hike up the relatively flat riverbed. I was able to stay on dry ground and hard packed sand for most of the way, but I did have to cross several small channels of water - the deepest being a little over a foot deep. I was wearing shorts and if I had been wearing boots or sneakers, they would have been completely soaked.

The confluence itself was dry at the time of my visit.

Picture #1 looks south down the Beaver Dam Wash and shows the damp, hard-packed sand I walked over on my way to the confluence. Picture #2 looks west. Picture #3 looks north. Picture #4 looks east. Picture #5 shows my GPS position.

On my way back, the strong winds had spilled into the river valley. Picture #6 shows the blowing sand that I would have to contend with on my way back. Picture #7 looks north up the Beaver Dam Wash from underneath the power lines very close to where I had parked.

Total time for the 3.8 mile round-trip hike was 1:38. It took me 20 minutes to get back to Old US-91.

This is by far the easiest 114W confluence in Arizona.

Onward to 38N-114W!

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#1: View south down the Beaver Dam Wash
#2: View west
#3: View north
#4: View east
#5: GPS position
#6: Wind-blown sand on my return hike
#7: View north towards confluence from under the power lines
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