the Degree Confluence Project

Greenland : Vestgrønland/Kitaa

10.8 km (6.7 miles) ENE of Nuugaaq, Vestgrønland, Greenland
Approx. altitude: 233 m (764 ft)
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Antipode: 70°S 129°E

Accuracy: 11.5 km (7.1 mi)
Quality: good

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#2: View north to Qeqertaq #3: View south (SW/right: island Disko) #4: View west (peninsula Nussuaq in the background) #5: The GPS

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  70°N 51°W (secondary, incomplete) 

#1: General view (east) to the CP

(visited by Peter Scharfenberg)

03-Aug-2006 -- We arrived in Oqaatsut/Rodebay on August 2nd. Next day the vessel “Najaaraq Ittuk” was expected to ship us on its once-a-week-tour, possible only in July/August, around the Disko bay via Qeqertaq and Saqqaq and, finally, back to Ilulissat/Jacobshavn, where our four days hike began. At 9.00 a. m. we left Oqaatsut/Rodebay and three hours later Qeqertaq was arrived.

We refer to the 1:250 000 map “Saga map No. 10 Qeqertarsuup Disko Bugten”. Qeqertaq is a settlement on Qeqertaq island, off-shore to Westgreenland’s largest peninsula Nuussuaq. East of Qeqertaq we have the bay Qeqertap Ilua with a sub-bay formed by a hook-like peninsula. In the most southern branch of this sub-bay, perhaps 800 m from the shore to S, W, and E, the confluence point CP N70/W51 can be located in the sea.

It was our aim to learn more about the specific situation at Qeqertaq and to study the circumstances of a visit of Nuussuaq as well as the CP. This time, however, our approach was not better than about 10 km. Nevertheless we considered it worth to communicate the results which may also help other potential visitors.

Photo #1 is a view east to the CP. The bay continues left from the land in the foreground, which belongs to the hook-like peninsula, mentioned above. The CP is behind this land. The land on the left is part of the main body of Nuussuaq.

The next destination of the ship was the settlement Sarqaq near the CP N70/W52 where we could even see (!) CP N70/W53, located at the east face of the Disko island.

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#1: General view (east) to the CP
#2: View north to Qeqertaq
#3: View south (SW/right: island Disko)
#4: View west (peninsula Nussuaq in the background)
#5: The GPS
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