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Greenland : Vestgrønland/Kitaa

52.1 km (32.4 miles) N of Qoornoq, Vestgrønland, Greenland
Approx. altitude: 221 m (725 ft)
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Antipode: 65°S 129°E

Accuracy: 62.0 km (38.5 mi)
Quality: good

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#2: View W over Nordlandet, bay Kanasu and Sardloq #3: Picture 1, explaining some geographical details

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  65°N 51°W (secondary, incomplete) 

#1: View SE to the CP

(visited by Peter Scharfenberg)

11-Jul-2009 -- This is one of five confluence points (CPs) in the neighbourhood of Greenlands capital Nuuk/Godthåb. A potential CP-seeker will have to sail at least 5 km over the Godthåbsfjord to arrive at Nordlandet (Northland), where a distance of at least 100 km northwards must be covered there, and back of course. Although the average altitude along the way is less than 200 m, Nordlandet is not flat (picture 2 shows the bay Kanasu, near the former settlement Sardloq). There is no permanent settlement on this western side of the Godthåbsfjord, except Atangmik, still 70 km west of the CP. (Qoornoq too, on an island 50 km north of Nuuk,is an abandoned settlement.) Theoretically, a CP visitor could start there, meet en passant 65°N/52°W an then continue the journey eastwards for 65°N/51°W. Alternatives could be (i) sailing from Atangmik 50 km into the innermost end of the Fiskefjord and then to hike the last 15 km to the CP, or (ii) sailing from Nuuk along the Godthåbsfjord into the bay Quqssuk, reducing the hike to 30 km, or into the bay Ilulialik, 20 km away from the CP. For more details we refer to the Saga map "Nuuk/Godthåb" 1:250 000 and the 1:500 000 Saga map No. 3 "Kangerlussuaq/Nuuk.

Our closest approach to the CP was 62 km (near cape Angmagssiviup), during a 12 day hiking experience, as well as while sailing from Kapisillit back to Nuuk.

July 11th, we followed the 51°-longitude on our flight from Kangerlussuaq to Nuuk and catched a glimpse to the area around the CP (picture 1), 15 minutes before landing. The point (100 m altitude) is hidden by the two mountains Angmalortoq (780 m) and Ujarogtoq (720 m), 1 km north of a lake. This lake is 6.5 km long and has a profile similar to a sea-horse. The water of the much bigger lake Taserssuaq partially flows through the lake system seen in the foreground (with lake 64 m) and finally ends in the Fiskefjord. (Thus it could be possible to try a kayak round trip from Nuuk to Atangmik.)

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#1: View SE to the CP
#2: View W over Nordlandet, bay Kanasu and Sardloq
#3: Picture 1, explaining some geographical details
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