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4.1 km (2.5 miles) SSW of Vaðlækir, Árnessýsla, Iceland
Approx. altitude: 105 m (344 ft)
([?] maps: Google MapQuest OpenStreetMap ConfluenceNavigator)
Antipode: 64°S 159°E

Accuracy: 3 m (9 ft)

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#2: #02_view to north #3: #03_view to east #4: #04_view to south #5: #05_view to west #6: #06_GPS reading at CP 64N-21W #7: #07_hiking map of Alvidru area #8: #08_way up #9: #09_start of steep track, 165 m away from CP #10: #10_parking at Landvernd house

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  64°N 21°W (visit #7) (secondary) 

#1: #01_location of CP 64N-21W from 56 m

(visited by Thomas Barthel)

03-Aug-2023 --

During a two week road-trip through Iceland together with a friend of mine, I took the chance to visit the some confluence points.

The CP 64N-21W is located on the summit of a mountain range with dimensions of around seven by five km and a height 400 m above surrounding area. We came from south by taking a road named "Biskupstungabraut" on a roundabout for 6.2 km and reaching a junction with a dirt road on the left. From this road a smaller way leads left again, to a group of houses called "Alvidra", as well as the name of the way. It was quite rainy und foggy. We parked right in from of a hiking sign, showing a map of the closer area, named "Alvidru" and the name of the Mountain with the CP on it "Ingolfsfjall". On the other side of the parking area is the house of the local naturalists. In rainy conditions I started the hike along the "Gönguskard" hiking trail, which can be seen on both the mentioned map and on my OSM-map on the mobile. After crossing the overhead power lines the trail became very steep. At a very steep section they installed a chain on the left sided rock. After around 300 m difference in altitude I reached the plateau of the mountain Ingolfsfjall. Now it was an easy walk to the closer area of the CP. Up there I had to leave the hiking trail to reach the CP. Unfortunately I had not a good view, because of the weather conditions. The highest elevation I reached was 340 m (above parking level). Nevertheless, the GPS reception was quite good and I was able to take the needed pictures of the coordinates at the confluence point 64N-21W. On my way back I had to use the aforementioned chain because of the slippery conditions. Back down at the car, I took some dry clothes and asked the young naturalists to use their bathroom for change. They kindly gave me permission. The young woman said that it is not a good weather to go up. I explained to her why I did it anyway, but was not sure if she understood ;)

That was my northernmost confluence visit so far and it was the one with the steepest hike of my CP-visits in Iceland.

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#1: #01_location of CP 64N-21W from 56 m
#2: #02_view to north
#3: #03_view to east
#4: #04_view to south
#5: #05_view to west
#6: #06_GPS reading at CP 64N-21W
#7: #07_hiking map of Alvidru area
#8: #08_way up
#9: #09_start of steep track, 165 m away from CP
#10: #10_parking at Landvernd house
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