the Degree Confluence Project

Norway : Sogn og Fjordane

near Nyhamar, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
Approx. altitude: 1 m (3 ft)
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Antipode: 61°S 175°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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  61°N 5°E (visit #2) (secondary) 

#1: Confluence point

(visited by John Dag Hutchison, Aase Tveitan Hutchison and Mats)

17-Aug-2012 -- Arriving at Eivindvik in the evening we tried a call to the taxi boat owner which helped the first visitor to this confluence point but had no answer. We checked into Eivindvik Fjordhotel where we were told that the taxi boat owner had advanced in society and was now the owner of a number of local inter island scheduled passenger vessels. Next morning the owner of the hotel made a few calls to alternative taxi boat owners without much luck.

She therefore suggested that we joined one of the scheduled trips which was making a round tour and possibly could approach the confluence point. As it turned out the boat had an extra stop that morning and had no time to approach the confluence point. But discussing the matter with the crew it happened that the son of one of them was the local post man. He, Mats came to Eivindvik port at the time we returned from our two hours marvelous tour among the outer islands. He was willing to take us along. We went to the northern part of Hisøya where he had a car and continued southwards on the island where he distributed mail and newspapers and picked up mail. If a person had mail to be sent, he would put a yellow marker on his mail box and the postman would stop and take it along to the main post office.

Towards the end of this island route he drove along a north south road where the confluence point was situated. We got out of the car while he continued his route and picked us up fifteen minutes later. In the meantime we tried to find the zero point. There were enough satellites, but the cp seemed to move as I walked up and down along the road. The closest reading indicated that it was between the road and the sea which was only two meters away.

It was a good day for a trip out at sea. There was no wind, the sun was shining and the temperature above 20 centigrade.

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