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Mongolia : Sühbaatar

36.1 km (22.4 miles) E of Höhöteyn Dugang, Sühbaatar, Mongolia
Approx. altitude: 971 m (3185 ft)
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Antipode: 46°S 64°W

Quality: good

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  46°N 116°E  

#1: South

(visited by Artsmaa Gankhuyag)

20-Jun-2011 -- Tergel Tech LLC team comprised of the Director A.Ganhuyag and engineers Ts.Erdenebayar and T.Narangerel have set out on a mission to install alarm systems at Savings Bank branches in soum centers of eastern aimags of Mongolia.

The team arrived in Erdenetsagaan soum of Sukhbaatar aimag on June 19, 2011. We have planned to reach the previously undiscovered longitude latitude confluence point located not far from the soum center and fly flags of Mongolia, Battsaiz Security Services and of the Savings Bank. Since the path to the point was unknown and fairly difficult according to local residents, we have requested a local soum resident Gombosuren Ulzii-togtoh to guide us. U.Gombosuren has graduated from the Pedagogical University in 1975 and has taught history and social science in his native Erdenetsagaan soum of Sukhbaatar aimag for over 40 years.

Locals recommended him as the most knowledgeable person of the surrounding area. He commonly helped visitors to find their way around. Thus we set out on our way with U.Gombosuren. On the way, we have encountered Huut coal mine operated by Chinese. As we have passed the mine, it appeared that no Mongolians worked at the mine. Our path was on route to the battalion of the Border Patrol Detachment. Erdenetsagaan soum of Sukhbaatar aimag is characterized by abundant mountains and rocks and since we have taken a previously untraveled path, our road was not easy; but no major issues encountered. As we have traveled further, we did stop to ask for directions from locals a few times. The confluence point we finally reached was located at N46.00.000 and E116.00.000, about 60 km away from Erdenetsagaan soum center of Sukhbaatar aimag, on the way to the battalion, on a smooth mountain top surrounded by rocks.

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