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Mongolia : Sühbaatar

6.7 km (4.2 miles) ENE of Hulasatayn Suma, Sühbaatar, Mongolia
Approx. altitude: 1059 m (3474 ft)
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Antipode: 46°S 65°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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  46°N 115°E  

#1: North

(visited by Choijilsuren Damiran and Gerelbadrakh, Battulga, Duurenbileg)

23-Mar-2009 -- 23-March-2009 -- Our plan was to monitor activities of local BDS. These NGO's should be organizing training - one in Asgat soum and another one in Erdenetsagaan soum. Just in case, I checked internet for some potential CPs in that area and off we went from Baruun urt to Asgat soum (village with around 450 families). It’s around 50 km at south east from Baruun-Urt.

I have seen this point on a road map at our route and guessed that it maybe some 10 km away from our way. There in our car where 2 GPSs. Sukhbaatar aimag is basically step with hills and not so high mountains. Dirt road was wet - after the snow and storm followed by sunny days and pools were on the road so we couldn’t travel quickly and it worried me. There is a nice pastureland even for wild animals such as gazelles we saw many gazelles passing together with domestic animals such as horses and cattle’s and camels. Beautiful view of course difficult to take good pictures because lack of good camera and we can not go close to animals.

Point was on left side of the road and closer than I though. Seems this is new road which is not yet marked on the map. It was only 3 km away. We reached point round 18:30. Surroundings of the CP were good pasture. We went from the point approximately 30 km to Erdenetsagaan soum centre which is south east peripheral soum of Sukhbaatar aimag. We stayed there overnight, finished the job afternoon on the following day and traveled back.

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