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Russia : Primorskiy kray

9.1 km (5.7 miles) NE of Uchikay, Primorskiy kray, Russia
Approx. altitude: 67 m (219 ft)
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Antipode: 45°S 47°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: View of the GPS #3: View to the north #4: View to the east #5: View to the south #6: View to the west #7: Driving the car in tall grass

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  45°N 133°E  

#1: View of the point

(visited by Andrey Golik, Alexander Golik and Irka Lastovskaya)

English narrative

Рассказ по-русски

13-Jul-2005 -- Точка находится в примерно 320 км от Владивостока по дороге, от трассы Владивосток-Хабаровск 20км по грунтовой дороге, потом еще 2км по полю. Вокруг точки на 2 км неиспользуемые поля с очень высокой травой, правда на легковом автомобиле Toyota Sprinter 4WD удалось подъехать на расстояние 200 метров до точки, повторять не рекомендуется, так как на 10км вокруг нету населенных пунктов, а ближайший автосервис, шиномонтаж и заправка как минимум в 30-40км оттуда... Точка находится очень близко к границе России с Китаем, менее чем в 3-х км от точки находится пограничный пост и вышки, так что лучше к ним не приближаться и не проявлять интереса... В 14км огромное озеро Ханка, но от точки до него не проехать, дорог нету, вокруг поля и болота... В районе озера Ханка еще с начала весны жара и солнце, а поля вокруг точки пересечены множеством водных каналов, поэтому растительность очень густая... А вот живности и даже насекомых почему-то совсем мало - наверно все выловили и съели китайцы по соседству...

English narrative

13-Jul-2005 -- The point is located approximately 320 km from Vladivostok by road, about 20km from the Vladivostok-Khabarovsk highway on a dirt road, then another 2km through a field. Around the point for 2km are unused fields with very tall grass, in truth in the Toyota Sprinter 4WD car it was possible to approach within 200 meters of the point, though to repeat it is not recommended, as for 10km around there are no settlements, and the nearest car-care center with tire mounting and refuelling is at least 30-40km from there... The point is very close to the border of Russia with China, less than 3 km from the point there is a boundary post and towers so it is better to not approach them or show interest... Within 14km is the huge lake Khanka, but don't go there from the point, there are no roads, around are a field and a bog... In the area of lake Khanka from the beginning of spring is heat and sun, and the fields around the point are crossed by a set of water channels, therefore the vegetation is very dense... But here there are few living creatures and even insects for some reason - likely all have been caught and eaten by the Chinese people in the area...

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#1: View of the point
#2: View of the GPS
#3: View to the north
#4: View to the east
#5: View to the south
#6: View to the west
#7: Driving the car in tall grass
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The border with China is passing about 3 km NW of the Confluence.