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China : Nèi Měnggǔ Zìzhìqū (Inner Mongolia)

7.2 km (4.5 miles) ESE of Sanchakou, Nèi Měnggǔ, China
Approx. altitude: 1466 m (4809 ft)
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Antipode: 41°S 67°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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  41°N 113°E  

#1: Looking at the CF in the center

(visited by Yip-Bannicq Group, Button Zhao and Ray Yip)

25-Jan-2005 -- 42 N – 113 E Inner Mongolia, China

Visit Date: January 25, 2005

This is the first of three points we visited in one day, along the 41N latitude between Hohot, the capital of Inner Mongolia and Beijing. In a way, this triple hunting trip was connecting two dots – 41N 112E, the first point we had visited in Inner Mongolia with 41N 116E, the very first line hunting point of the Yip-Bannicq group.

We had a whole day to drive from Hohot to Beijing whose routing pretty much followed the 41N. Under normal conditions (without doing any line hunting), it would take about 7 hours to complete the journey. When we departed Hohot before 8 am, we had planned to visit two points (41N 113E and 40N 114E). But when we had finished the day, 12 hours later, we had visited 3 points. A new record for the group.

The first point was a little over 100 km from Hohot near Jining city, and the expressway took us within 10 km from it. After switching to the national highway 110 which parallels the expressway, we reached a village located within 300 meters from the first object of our hunt by 9 am.

This point was located in a farmland about 200 meters from the village but there was a young bull guarding the exact area where the CP is located. The bull charged at us a couple times, but decided to retreat. After taking the DCP required photos, we spent a few minutes chatting with the folks in the village and pretty much completed the first hunt by 9.30 am.

An easier than expected hunt, and we were ahead of the schedule. With the extra time, we decided to go for a more difficult point next. We changed the returning route to Beijing and abandoned the plan for 40N 114E which was located in flat land, near an expressway. Instead, we headed to 41N 114E which was located in the hilly area, right near the border of Inner Mongolia and Hebei Province.

We headed toward the 2nd point and we were hoping to make this another double line-hunting day.

Degree of Challenge: 1 – next to national highway 110 and drive to within 250 meters of the point (Scale: 1= very easy - drive to the point; to 5= a death march – glad it is over)

Scenery: 2– Winter scene of northern China farmland landscape (Scale: 1= not interesting at all; 5= take your breath away)

Culture-social factors: 2– typical farming community of northern China (Scale: 1=dull; 5= most stimulating)

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#1: Looking at the CF in the center
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