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6.2 km (3.9 miles) SSE of Oymaağaç, Ankara, Turkey
Approx. altitude: 1045 m (3428 ft)
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Antipode: 40°S 148°W

Accuracy: 52 m (170 ft)
Quality: good

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  40°N 32°E (visit #2)  

#1: North

(visited by Nye Morgan and Mübeccel Orsel)

05-Jun-2005 -- Having read the account of the first visitors to this point who cycled a total of 130 km, our attempt to drive as close as possible seems a bit timid. However, as we had neither the bicycles nor the stamina to emulate those hardy hunters, we set off from Ankara for a leisurely drive to Beypazari via Ayaş.

Our plan was to initially visit Beypazari to view the traditional houses which are the focal point of this town, and to then visit the point on the return journey. En-route we were surprised by the heavy traffic from Ankara towards Beypazari but during a brief stop on the way were advised that today was the date of the annual Beypazari Festival. Upon arrival, we were confronted with a town full of people and streets lined with stalls selling a vast array of local products. There was also free entertainment from a troupe of Turkish dancers. Whilst it was not so easy to see the houses we had planned to visit, the atmosphere of the Festival more than made up for this loss and the houses will be there another day.

At the end of a pleasant few hours we set out for the point on the Ankara road. After a few kms we turned off the main road but soon became lost after a few wrong turns which required a series of backtracking, until we eventually managed to come within a few hundred metres of the point. What lay ahead was mainly flat agricultural land growing a variety of wheat, sunflower and carrot. As with visits to other points, we were concerned at the damage we could cause to these crops during the walk to the point.

However, before we could set-off, we were joined by a local farmer, Okan, who was very interested/concerned why we were here. There followed a conversation probably well known to Confluence Hunters in having to explain to local inhabitants about the DCP. Okan still seemed a bit concerned and insisted on accompanying us on the walk to the point. This proved very helpful as during the walk he advised that the wheat field where the point lay was infested with snakes and he strongly recommended not to walk through these fields. We gladly took his advice but this meant we could not get exactly to the point. However, after encircling the point a few times we settled on 40°00'21"N 32°00'24"E as the closest we could get. I estimated that we were about 60 m from the point (52 m from the reading and 5 m GPS accuracy). Elevation at this point was measured at 3430 ft (1045 m).

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