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11.9 km (7.4 miles) SW of Ákra Líndos (Cape), Nísos Ródhos (Island), Nótio Aigaío, Greece
Approx. altitude: 0 m (0 ft)
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Antipode: 36°S 152°W

Accuracy: 7 m (22 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: Looking East #3: Looking South, you can see a little land #4: Looking West, towards Rhodes and Kiotari Beach #5: The GPS with nearly all the Zero's #6: Me at the wheel after having visited the CP #7: Rolland the Skipper from Kiotari Beach

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  36°N 28°E (visit #3)  

#1: Looking North towards Lindos

(visited by Peter Thompson and Rolland Kiros)

20-Jun-2005 -- Kim and I decided that it would be nice to get away for a week in the sun and not do a lot, and Rhodes was a place that we had not visited before, so Rhodes it was. As planned we had not done a lot, mainly relaxing within the hotel and the area surrounding it, until a couple of days before we were due to return to Oxford, when we hired a car and went DCP and geocaching.

We arranged a car the night before, car was only €27 for the day, and at 0830hrs we were on our way South from Rhodes Old Town heading towards Lindos, were we hoped to get a boat to the CP. After looking around this very traditional town we made our way to the beach and spoke to a member of the water sports team, he was interested in taking us, but said that the CP was 6km away and that we would be better off driving a little further south to Kiotari Beach, close to a large hotel, so off we went.

As we drove South the CP was becoming closer and closer, with just over 3.1km being the closest we could get on the main road. This is when we took a small side road down to the beach and found a nice beach that had a water sports hut with a few power boats used for parasailing. Kim was not sure if she was going to this CP, and picked out a nice sun bed while I went over to the guys at the water sports hut, and started talking about the CP.

It was just over 3km from the beach, and the owner looked at his Marine GPS to see if the area was safe to visit, the depth was over 1000m, so we had no problems. He was not sure why I wanted to visit this area? He asked if I would be meeting anyone there? I showed him Michael Kessler trip report but he did not know about this trip. In the end he said he would take me at lunch time when the boat was not being used for the parasailing, this gave me time to go to the store and get same cash out of the ATM.

At the store to get cash for the boat ride and the rest of our trip, I tried to withdraw €170, the transaction went through but the cash did not appear from the machine, I was left with the receipt showing I had made a withdrawal but no cash.

Thinking that the cash was stuck in the machine, I cautiously withdrew €20, this time €20 was dispensed but not the €170. I went in to the shop, there was a bank staff strike on in Greece that week and I would have to wait a few weeks before I could get my money, but the shop keeper said that this type of thing happens two or three times a day.

When I reported it the next day to the backs HQ in Old Rhodes Town, I was told the same thing, that this type of this is very common in Rhodes?? At the time I writing this report I have not received a refund from the banks, so I am not sure what will happen, this may be a €170 CP visit??

Anyway, I arrived back at the beach at lunch time, Rolland and I went straight out to the CP from the beach. Kim decided she just wanted to lay on the beach, so she did not come with me on the visit, once I was back she said that she should have come even if it was just for the ride. The waters around Lindos were very calm for us today, and it was a quick 15min trip out to the CP.

I was not able to get all the zeros on 36N but did manage to get them on 28E. which was 10.1m from the CP, I do have a photo showing the CP 7.41m away but it does not have any with all zeros, so all the zeros shot is the one I am submitting.

Once all the photo’s were taken we headed straight back to the beach. On the way back we saw a few flying fish which were out of the water a good 20 seconds at a time, which was just amazing to see. All in all a very nice CP visit, and after a few hours at the beach and a couple of swimming Kim and I continued on our tour of the Island, finding only 1 Geocache.

The location of Kiotari Beach that I left from is



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#1: Looking North towards Lindos
#2: Looking East
#3: Looking South, you can see a little land
#4: Looking West, towards Rhodes and Kiotari Beach
#5: The GPS with nearly all the Zero's
#6: Me at the wheel after having visited the CP
#7: Rolland the Skipper from Kiotari Beach
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In the sea, but with a view of Rhodes