the Degree Confluence Project

Iran : Markazī

3.2 km (2.0 miles) S of Rāzīn, Markazī, Iran
Approx. altitude: 1519 m (4983 ft)
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Antipode: 35°S 130°W

Accuracy: 7 m (22 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: South #3: West #4: North #5: #6: Me and my GPS on the Confluence.

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  35°N 50°E  

#1: East

(visited by Meisam Fayazbakhsh)

11-Jun-2004 -- Hi, everybody. I became aware of this Project two months ago. So I decided to do it. I mean, go to every Confluence of my dear country. What a great adventure!!! Because, as I have seen, I shall go to forests, mountains, the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf, and the most exiting one: to the centre of the Lut desert.

I went there by my father, but actually my father was not my companion.‎ He is an executive manager of a manufacture, which is located in the Save industrial city.‎ We live in Tehran (capital of Iran).‎ One day I went with my father to Save and when we supposed to go home in the ‎afternoon, I persuaded him to go near the Confluence; I had seen one near Save on my map.

It was around 5 km far from the road, which we should have gone through 28 km from ‎Save.‎ I have a Pharos CF GPS which works with my Del axim5 pocket PC.‎ In spite of my father's refusal, I persuaded him to go just along the road so that I could see the ‎environment and topological condition of the Confluence to plan to go another time, ‎maybe with my friends.‎ As there were mountains around, the Confluence might be on the edge.‎

When we reached the nearest point on the road, I consider a gravel road exactly in the direction of my destination. So i persuaded my father to go closer...‎ I will complete the story later.‎...

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#1: East
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#3: West
#4: North
#6: Me and my GPS on the Confluence.
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