the Degree Confluence Project

Pakistan : North-West Frontier Province

5.6 km (3.5 miles) ENE of Talokar, N.W.F.P., Pakistan
Approx. altitude: 772 m (2532 ft)
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Antipode: 34°S 107°W

Quality: good

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#2: GPS #3: Looking North #4: Looking East #5: Looking South #6: Looking West #7: Me(akk),Bilal,Capt Nazar and Chanzeb our guide.

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  34°N 73°E (visit #2)  

#1: General View

(visited by Abdul Karim Khadim, Chanzeb, Riasat, Bilal and Capt Nazar)

25-Dec-2012 -- I came back from Karachi on 24 Dec and I was scheduled to attend a business meeting in Burhān on 25th. So I managed my schedule to accommodate this visit also.

Capt Nazar was to join me in the meeting and my nephew Bilal who came from Karachi to Islāmābād for his holidays also joined us for the visit. We left Islāmābād at 9:30 in the morning. Riasat my driver was driving our Toyota Vigo. We opted to go by GT Road. From Taxila we took Taxila-Khānpur-Harīpur link road. We reached Harīpur around 11 am. We crossed Harro river as our vehicle was 4-wheel drive and we had no problem in crossing the river. We parked our vehicle near the foot of a hill about 400 meters, south, aerial distance, from the confluence point. We wanted to approach the hill from east as from south it was very steep. As we started climbing up the hill from east GPS was showing the point at 600 meters. While climbing up we met a boy aged 10 who was looking after his goats. We requested him to guide us in reaching the top of the hill and he accepted. With his guidance it took us 90 min to reach the confluence point. All the track was full of wild bushes and bit difficult for myself and Bilal. I am thankful to my driver Riasat who helped me a lot to climb the hill. Same way Capt Nazar helped Bilal.

After reaching the confluence point we took the necessary pics and started climbing down the hill. It took us 70 min to reach our vehicle. Then we started our jouney for Burhān at about 2:30 pm.

We are thankful to little boy Shahzeb who guided us while climbing the hill.

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#1: General View
#2: GPS
#3: Looking North
#4: Looking East
#5: Looking South
#6: Looking West
#7: Me(akk),Bilal,Capt Nazar and Chanzeb our guide.
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