the Degree Confluence Project

Saudi Arabia : al-Madīna al-Munawwara

16.0 km (9.9 miles) N of al-`Uyayna, al-Madīna, Saudi Arabia
Approx. altitude: 1061 m (3480 ft)
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Antipode: 26°S 141°W

Accuracy: 6 m (19 ft)
Quality: good

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  26°N 39°E  

#1: North

(visited by Ville Saari)

07-Jun-2006 -- Not as easy as my previous degree confluence visit the same day (25N 41E). The distance from the road was about 10 kilometers and the terrain was mountainous. A big valley lead from the road to within about a kilometer from the Confluence and there was a track leading from the road into the valley. I was able to drive the car a few kilometers along the track, but then the track deteriorated too much for a two wheel drive. I unpacked the bicycle from the trunk and rode it about seven kilometers further. Then I had to leave the bike and hike the last kilometer and climb up to the Confluence from the valley bottom.

My GPS receiver pointed to a vertical cliff face, so the actual degree confluence may be at the top or the bottom of it. I selected the top because at the bottom the GPS reception is poor. I made the same mistake as on my previous confluence visit: I only looked for coordinates when I zeroed my GPSr for photo shoot and missed the fact that the "Dist To Dest" was still 1 meter although the minutes were all balls. Thus the 6 meter accuracy although the GPSr says 5.

Continued at 24N 39E.

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#1: North
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#3: South
#4: West
#5: The Confluence Site
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