the Degree Confluence Project


5.0 km (3.1 miles) E of Shāhāpur Chak, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Approx. altitude: 6 m (19 ft)
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Antipode: 25°S 89°W

Accuracy: 46 m (150 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: from the point  -100 meters to the south #3: to lucpoint #4: lucpoint #5: in the boat #6: confluence among the 100 meters

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  25°N 91°E  

#1: on the location to the west

(visited by luc descheemaeker)

17-Jul-2004 -- TARGET: ‘LUCPOINT’
25°00’00” N
91°00’00” E

31.4 km (19.5 miles) ENE of Netrakona, Dhaka, Bangladesh

We visited on the 17th of July 2004 confluence projectpoint 25°00’00” N 91°00’00” E at 03 PM. That week we stayed in the Sabalamby Unnayan Samity (SUS) in Netrakona as volunteer for the NGO Damien Foundation (www.damiaanactie.be)

The Belgian Damien Foundation fights against leprosy and TB in 16 countries. This NGO is working in Bangladesh since 1972.

On saterday the 17th, after two weeks working in the building/renovationproject in the leprosy- and tb hospital of Netrakona, we made a jeep- and boattrip to our target nicknamed ‘LUCPOINT’. The detailmap of that region marks this point at 500 meters from a lake. In reality the point was in the middle of the big flood. This overall flood is probably the biggest flood in Bangladesh since 1989. The floodsituation is still alarming. ( ‘Flood situation worsening in Netrakona / 135.913 families marooned’ The Independent july 26)

With two jeeps we started to the surroundings of Kalmakanda. However on the north of Raipur the ferry-boat was sinked and we hired a little motorboat to get our target in the northeast. On our little boat: 12 Belgian volunteers and 4 members of the Bengalicrew. Steersman Mustafa Khant from Patan Para and GPS-specialist William Gees guided us to the confluencepoint... At that point we founded only water on a stormy floodlake. Strong swell hindered the GPS registration. We finally made registration at among the 100 meters from the confluencepoint.

Twenty minutes after our visit we floated in the middle of a monsoonstorm and mored the boat on a tree. With this journey to ‘Lucpoint’ we becamed witness of the worsest Bengali monsoonflood of this century.

Willem, Gaynor, Stefanie, Mimi, Hilde, Liesbet, Sien, Jonas, Leen, André and 'Master Luke' for the Damienfoundation Belgium in Bangladesh



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#1: on the location to the west
#2: from the point -100 meters to the south
#3: to lucpoint
#4: lucpoint
#5: in the boat
#6: confluence among the 100 meters
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