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India : Andhra Pradesh

5.1 km (3.2 miles) NE of Pimpalgaon, Andhra Pradesh, India
Approx. altitude: 354 m (1161 ft)
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Antipode: 19°S 102°W

Accuracy: 8 m (26 ft)
Quality: good

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  19°N 78°E  

#1: North View

(visited by Balaji Servaran, Mahalakshmi Jothi, Vijay T and Vineesh Ganapathy)

26-Jan-2007 -- From Hyderabad/AP it took 3.30 hrs to reach Nizamabad (170kms from hyd). Satellite image gave a rough idea that this CP (Confluence Point) is at approximately 16 Kms from MUDHOLE, a Taluk HQ in Adilabad District 45 Kms NW of Nizamabad crossing the Godavary river. GPS seems to be best tool to take us to the CP in this sparsely populated dry land bordering AP/MH. Crawling on a sand road @ 20Kmph we had a comfortable (!) journey to reach a village EDBID (1.5 Kms from CP). We reached a spot 930m W of CP.

Venkatesh’s (alias Vijay) earlier experience in reaching CP (19N 79E) was helpful for reach the spot quickly. All we could observe is patches of chilli and harvested Cotton fields. There is absolutely no scope to move on wheels, either two or four. Walking through these fields, serpentine the thorny bushes towards CP, only reminds us the physical hardship Indian Farmers undergo daily in their life. We finally reached the CP spotted over a field ploughed and ready to receive seeds and drops of water.

Nearby field farmer joined us and was keen on having his photo with his laborers. Vineesh took all the pains to make him operate the digital camera amongst the giggling of his laborers. They were happy to see the way their master learned to operate a digital camera. After some snaps with this friendly Marati and Telugu speaking Indian nation builders we left the spot.

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