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Chile : Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena

13.0 km (8.1 miles) SSE of Caleta Clarencia, Isla Tierra del Fuego, Magallanes y Antártica, Chile
Approx. altitude: 65 m (213 ft)
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Antipode: 53°N 110°E

Accuracy: 7.7 km (4.8 mi)
Quality: good

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#2: Closeup of plate #3: View north #4: View south #5: GPS at locked gate: 7.7 km to go

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  53°S 70°W (incomplete) 

#1: View east towards CP, but need to cross the locked gate!

(visited by Florian Schindler)

04-Dec-2011 -- The quest to visit a confluence point in Antarctica brought me to Punta Arenas, Chile. My travel plans had more than one week spare time until my departure to Antarctica and thus I wondered what to do. I was attracted by the unvisited Confluence Point 53°S 70°W, which is located on Tierra del Fuego island and according to Google Maps close to a road.

I checked the ferry timetable to Porvenir (Tierra del Fuego) and saw that Sunday would be the best day, because it allows to stay a couple of hours until the ferry returns to Punta Arenas. I rented a car and proceeded to the ferry terminal. Because I did not have a reservation I was put on the waiting list, but finally managed to embark and sail to Porvenir on the other side of the Magellanic Strait.

I drove towards the North. Not able to find the main road (Y-65) at once, I drove on secondary unpaved roads through wide meadows with lots of sheep. It was a very scenic drive through the endless pampa. I reached the paved main road, continued a couple of kilometres until I reached the intersection of an unpaved ranch road. From here the road would lead me to the confluence point, but unfortunately there was a locked gate. The remaining distance to the CP was more than 7.7 km. Due to my limited time it was not possible to hike the way. I took photos, had my lunch here with slight hope that - by pure coincidence - someone would come by and open the gate, but no luck.

As you can see in the photo this area belongs to the Estancia Los Colorines. My proposals for further visitors: try to contact the ranch (is it listed in the phone book?), hike, or bring a bicycle, which can be easily lifted over the gate.

Despite of this failed attempt it was a nice trip to the other side of the Magellanic Strait and worth the effort! More luck for my successors!

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#1: View east towards CP, but need to cross the locked gate!
#2: Closeup of plate
#3: View north
#4: View south
#5: GPS at locked gate: 7.7 km to go
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