the Degree Confluence Project

Australia : Western Australia

32.4 km (20.1 miles) ENE of Nunierra, WA, Australia
Approx. altitude: 290 m (951 ft)
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Antipode: 28°N 64°W

Quality: good

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#2: Looking west from the confluence. #3: Tom and Henry Foulkes-Taylor from Yuin Station #4: Panorama around the confluence. #5: Francis and "Lizzy" in front of Yuin Homestead

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  28°S 116°E  

#1: Looking north from the confluence.

(visited by Mike Manessis, Katherine (Mini) Manessis, Tom Foulkes-Taylor and Henry Foulkes-Taylor)

27-Jan-2001 -- We woke early on 27 January to the sounds of station wildlife including pink and grey galahs and mudlarks. My daughter Mini and I were in the middle of a long weekend trip around the Midwest of Western Australia to visit as many confluences as practically possible in three days.

After spending the night under canvas (nylon tent actually) on Tallering Station we headed north on the wide red dirt road which was in surprisingly good condition. Water at low points provided evidence of the recent rains however the road surface was not affected.

We pulled into Yuin Station some time after 9:00am. This property looked like a much more substantial operation than Tallering with sheds, farm equipment and solid homestead. I introduced myself to the property owner, Rossco Foulkes-Taylor and explained the reason for my visit. He looked a little perplexed at the idea that someone would drive 600km from Perth to take some photos of a bit of land about 4km from the homestead, however was willing to help. In fact, after being there less than 10 minutes he suggested that I take one of his children to show us the way, then changed his mind and said "here, take two of them"! Tom (9 years and 362 days) and Henry (6) jumped in the back of the car and we headed off back down the road, turning off onto a track running down a fence line to one of the windmills and watering troughs for sheep on the property.

The boys were a wealth of knowledge, indicating that the property was 500,000 acres, was called a station not a farm, told us about their father's friend Simmo the plumber and numerous other items until we could drive no further and needed to walk. The confluence was less than 100m from the southern side of the fence where the photos were taken. The boys expected some sort of landmark and proceeded to haul branches and logs to the spot. I suggested that a substantial tree about 10 m away could stay where it was and still mark the spot. They agreed to this and we started the 1 km walk back to the car, collecting some fragrant sandalwood sticks and logs on the way. We stopped at the windmill for a drink on the way back and were surprised at the quality of the groundwater.

Back at the homestead we met Emma Foulkes-Taylor, Rossco's wife, and their daughter Francis who had a baby kangaroo named Lizzy. Rossco asked if we would like morning tea, however we declined, thanked them for their assistance and pushed on toward s28e115 our last confluence for the day before heading towards Geraldton to spend the night with my uncle at Drummond Cove.

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#1: Looking north from the confluence.
#2: Looking west from the confluence.
#3: Tom and Henry Foulkes-Taylor from Yuin Station
#4: Panorama around the confluence.
#5: Francis and "Lizzy" in front of Yuin Homestead
#6: GPS confirmation photo.
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