the Degree Confluence Project

Australia : Queensland

50.5 km (31.4 miles) SSW of Quilpie, QLD, Australia
Approx. altitude: 192 m (629 ft)
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Antipode: 27°N 36°W

Quality: good

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#2: Looking north #3: Looking east #4: Looking south #5: Looking west #6: GPS #7: Flies!

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  27°S 144°E  

#1: General view of confluence

(visited by Lydia Storey and Peter Storey)

07-May-2007 --

On Monday, 7th May 2007, we packed up our camp on the Paroo River in Currawinya National Park and left at about 8.30 am. We drove to the small outback town of Eulo and filled up with fuel, water and groceries. Then we headed west towards Thargominda and turned off north to the tiny hamlet of Toompine (just a hotel – nothing else) where we asked directions to the turnoff towards the confluence point. In all this distance (about 230kms) we only saw a couple of other vehicles on the road.

We turned left just north of Toompine into Engerberry Road and stopped for a quick lunch before traveling another 45kms to a track signposted “Pete’s waterhole”. We drove about 1 km along the track and parked. It was a very hot afternoon (well over 30 deg C) with lots of flies. The going was hard, over stony ground through thick mallee scrub and a floodway. Guided by the GPS , it took just under an hour to walk the 3.2 km arriving at the confluence point at 3.20 pm. We found it difficult to keep the GPS reading at all zeros, but finally managed it. On the way back to the car we saw several kangaroos and an emu.

We camped the night surrounded by cattle in the bush a few kilometres down the road.

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#1: General view of confluence
#2: Looking north
#3: Looking east
#4: Looking south
#5: Looking west
#6: GPS
#7: Flies!
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