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1.9 km (1.2 miles) S of Colonia Presbítero Fidel Maíz, Cordillera, Paraguay
Approx. altitude: 64 m (209 ft)
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Antipode: 25°N 123°E

Quality: good

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  25°S 57°W  

#1: General view

(visited by Omar Ferreiro)

02-Jul-2006 -- Sunday morning showed sunny and clear when we departed that 2nd of July, 2006 at 08:00 from our hometown San Lorenzo, about 75 km south from our goal. After a trip by car of 1:15 hours we reached a padlocked gate with a short chain.

We decided to walk eastern wards following the wet path we suspected would take us to the house and to a deviation that will get us closer to the confluence. The poorly maintained internal trail showed a couple of recent car tracks (one of them with chains on the tires); walking was difficult as clay sticks sturdily to our shoes, making our steps heavier.

When we arrived to the house 2.5 km away from the paved road where we left the car, the man in charge told us that the land was formerly a rice crop area, but nowadays the entire land was a cattle farm. That explains the parallel lines pattern showed by the satellite images. The man referred to us that the previous day it was raining, so the field might be fairly wet.

We turn southern wards tracking the channels and a fence that seems to match our proposed pathway. The GPS advises that the confluence was only 2.2 km south, so we began walking across the field, trying to maintain our feet dry. About 450 meters from our target, we had to cross a deeper and wider channel that drains a lower land. We renounce keeping our feet dry and walked the final meters with the water up to our knees. But we were so close that we did not feel any disconfort.

Fortunately, the exact point is relatively higher on dry grassland. We arrived to the point at 11:10 (+4GMT) of that July 2nd, 2006.

The only geographical features that can be seen from the 25S57W confluence are some smooth hills far away to the West. At other directions the terrain is fairly flat.

The device used to find the point is a Garmin GPS Plus III, that shows the 25°00’00”S, 057°00’00”W approach, and an altitude of 68 m. The estimated point error (EPE) is 5 m, while the diffusion of point (DOP) is 1.4. The number of satellites visible at that moment was 7.

The experience was extremely pleasing for both of us, as Cesar Balbuena was telling me that he had been for some time thinking about doing something like that. Now we are planning new visits.

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