the Degree Confluence Project

Namibia : Hardap

44.9 km (27.9 miles) SSW of Homeb (Erongo), Hardap, Namibia
Approx. altitude: 502 m (1646 ft)
([?] maps: Google MapQuest OpenStreetMap ConfluenceNavigator)
Antipode: 24°N 165°W

Accuracy: 4 m (13 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: Looking West #3: Looking North #4: Looking East #5: GPS #6: Group at confluence the next morning #7: Six month old tracks by previous visitors #8: Bottle left by previous visitors

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  24°S 15°E (visit #2)  

#1: Looking South

(visited by Heinrich Calitz, Charmaine Smith, Jurie Smith, Maureen Koekemoer, Nico Koekemoer, Hans Gunter, Heletje Esterhuyse, Markus Esterhuyse, Marita Delport, Eben Delport, Christine Diener, Wilhelm Diener, Debbie Carstens, Manie Carstens, Arina van Niekerk, Jan van Niekerk, Elsje Calitz and Andries van Rensburg)

24-Mar-2013 -- In the Namib Desert in Namibia, southwest of the Tsondap Flats, the intersection of 24 degrees South and 15 degrees East can be found. This point falls within the Namib Naukluft National Park and access can only be gained by making use of a concession holder, or in the unlikely event that the Namibian Authorities will issue a permit for you to enter the area unguided.

We approached a concession holder, Uri Adventures, and asked if it would be possible to adapt one of their tours, called Faces of the Namib, to include a visit to 24S 15E. Eben Delport, owner of Uri Adventures was keen to accept the challenge of leading us into unchartered territory and the trip was GO!

Eben Delport did detailed research using maps and aerial images to plot a route to the confluence point that would be (a) possible in a 4x4 vehicle and (b) have little or no impact on this fragile environment.

The tour group consisted of:
Jan & Arina van Niekerk
Manie, Debbie, Kaylie & Justin Carstens
Wilhelm & Christine Diener
Markus & Heletje Esterhuyse
Hans Gunter
Jurie & Charmaine Smith
Nico & Maureen Koekemoer
Heinrich & Elsje Calitz
Andries van Rensburg & Hanlie
The Grobler Family
…under the expert guidance of Eben & Marita Delport, with Schalk, Hester & Johnny.

22 March 2013
The group met up at Solitaire Guest Farm and details of the trip was discussed.

23 March 2013
Under the guidance of Eben Delport from Uri Adventures we proceeded along an established track and overnighted next to the Kuiseb river, upstream from Homeb.

24 March 2013
Once we have crossed the Tsondap Flats on the established Faces of the Namib trail, we started heading south towards the Confluence. Eben knows the desert and it’s ecosystems like no other and made every effort not to cause any harm while traversing this beautiful landscape. At one point the tracks made by the previous visitors were clearly visible, even more than 6 months later!!

At around 17:00 we were only a few hundred meters from the Confluence. Eben said over the radio that he can see the place where the previous visitors made a fire on the sand about 200 meters from the point. When we crested the next dune we spotted the Amarula bottle left at the Confluence by the Gelderbloms in September last year.

We recorded the GPS data and took the required photos. We decided it would be best to remove the bottle from the Confluence as it adds no value to this unspoilt wilderness.

The area surrounding the Confluence is desert in the true sense of the word, comprising reddish sand dunes, interwoven with dune “streets”, where flora is spread out very thinly. The only fauna seen in the immediate surrounds were Oryx, a sidewinder, and some insects.

We made camp close to the Confluence.

25-27 March 2013
Eben and his crew guided us back to the established route through the desert and on to Walvis Bay.

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#1: Looking South
#2: Looking West
#3: Looking North
#4: Looking East
#5: GPS
#6: Group at confluence the next morning
#7: Six month old tracks by previous visitors
#8: Bottle left by previous visitors
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In the Namib-Naukluft National Park.