the Degree Confluence Project

Botswana : Central

80.2 km (49.8 miles) W of Lohoklane, Central, Botswana
Approx. altitude: 1037 m (3402 ft)
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Antipode: 22°N 155°W

Accuracy: 10 m (32 ft)
Quality: good

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  22°S 25°E  

#1: Looking North

(visited by Jochem Erasmus, Dalene Erasmus, Herman Erasmus, Robert Van Dyk, Hendrien Van Dyk and Ruben Van Dyk)

04-Jan-2004 -- Continued from 22S 26E.

22S 25E is about 80 km southwest of Letlhakane and Orapa, probably the richest diamond producing area in the world. The confluence point is situated within 30 km of another amazing place on earth, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. This is a 53,000 square kilometres game reserve with some of the most beautiful and rewarding game viewing in the world, comparable with the Serengeti plains in Tanzania. Unfortunately time constraints did not allow us to visit this wonderful game reserve this time, but previous visits awarded us with some of the more memorable moments in our entire outdoor life.

With no roads going to the vicinity of the confluence point, we decided to follow the veterinary cordon fence from the southwestern corner of the Orapa mine. We followed the fence for about 65 km and then turned east in search of the point. With the sun just about setting we were within 2 km of the point. We decided to camp and visit the point the next morning. Setting up camp is very easy as we have rooftop tents fitted to the vehicles. This makes camping on an unprepared campsite a breeze.

The next morning we managed to drive right to the point after bundu bashing the last 2 km. The point was close to a cattle post with much overgrazing taking place around the post itself. After visiting the point we had to travel 80 km back to Letlhakane before starting our search for 21S 26E. We took another route back and were very happy to have four wheel drive vehicles, as the thick sand track was very difficult to negotiate in places.

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