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Kenya : Rift Valley

10.0 km (6.2 miles) ESE of Enkorika, Kajiado, Rift Valley, Kenya
Approx. altitude: 1553 m (5095 ft)
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Antipode: 2°N 143°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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  2°S 37°E  

#1: View North - Termite mound

(visited by David Coombs, Wycliffe Ketura and Ezekiel)

15-Apr-2007 -- Armed with a map of East Africa and a NASA sat photo, I set off with Ezekiel (taxi driver) in his 4x4 Suzuki for the CP - 80 km south of Nairobi as the crow flies. This would be my first south of the equator.

The road is good to Kajaido (on the way to the Amboseli National Park and Arusha in Tanzania) but then we had to turn off onto a dirt road to approach the point. This took us to within 12 km of the point and rough tracks led us in the direction of the point to within 6.5 km. Then we arrived at a dry river bed and it seemed like a long walk was needed.

Fortuately some Maasai boys told us that we could get exactly to the point (how did they know?). Wycliffe jumped in the car and we went "upstream" and then onto some more tracks. This led eventually to a point 80 metres from the point. Not bad! Definitely better than 13 km through rough bush and hills!

After a short walk through Acacia brush we arrived at the point and I got Wycliffe to help with the dance. He is one of a family of 10 pastoralists with cattle sheep and goats. They also grow some cabbage and tomato on an irrigated plot. Wycliffe would like to become a doctor - good luck to him. We dropped him off a couple of km from his home and joined a good road back to Kajaido - always so easy getting home!

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