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10.5 km (6.5 miles) E of Nkayi (Matabeleland North), Midlands, Zimbabwe
Approx. altitude: 1151 m (3776 ft)
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Antipode: 19°N 151°W

Accuracy: 7 m (22 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: Facing South #3: Facing West #4: Facing North #5: Facing East #6: Photograph of GPS #7: Photograph of all who visited the site taken by selftimer

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  19°S 29°E  

#1: Photograph of general area

(visited by Mads Kirk, Lisbeth Kirk, Jesper Kirk, Martin Kirk and Thomas Kirk)

23-Jun-2007 -- Hi! Having visited confluence 19S 30E the previous day, we were still lodged by Anne Muils in Kwekwe within striking distance (considering fuel range of the bikes). We figured 160 km+, so to be safe we carried 5 litre extra since the area is remote and fuel is not readily available in Zimbabwe anyway.

We set out early, it was an exceptionally cold winter day, having brought packed lunch. The road was better than expected and we made good time, they are still tarring the road. Just before the Shangani River we turned off north following the GPS, this area has small rural farming plots and we followed paths to within 800 m east of the spot. We then crossed a field and entered the dense thorn bush, we were able to ride the bikes to a small tributary of the Shangani River, but had to go on foot from there. The last 30 m was dodging thorns to the spot, some went right through our shoes.

We ate our lunch and relaxed in the sun in the dried up river bed, very peacefull and secluded! We had travelled 92 km. On the way home as we reached the road, we noticed a puncture on the CRF, however we pumped it and proceeded. All went well till we got to the only crossroads en route 30 km down the drag where the ZRP had set up a roadblock. They asked us to produce our driver's licences which of course we had left in the car, not expecting it to be a major road and riding the trail bikes. Anyway, they were very friendly and decided to charge us a nominal fine of Zim-$ 2500 each which at the rate of the day was equivalent to US-$ 10 (€ 7.40) and besides it was a very social occasion. After saying our goodbyes we made it back after adding some more air to the leaking tube which now had a three inch nail sticking out of it. The fuel was ok and about 192 km travelled, it took us 6 hrs altogether.

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#1: Photograph of general area
#2: Facing South
#3: Facing West
#4: Facing North
#5: Facing East
#6: Photograph of GPS
#7: Photograph of all who visited the site taken by selftimer
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