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Canada : British Columbia

22.3 km (13.8 miles) S of Alliford Bay, Moresby Island, BC, Canada
Approx. altitude: 160 m (524 ft)
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Antipode: 53°S 48°E

Quality: good

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#2: Aircraft GPS read out 53N 132W #3: 53N 132W  view west #4: 53N 132W view south #5: 53N 132W view east #6: 53N 132W view north #7: 53N 132W view east south east

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  53°N 132°W (incomplete) 

#1: View of 53N 132W

(visited by Robert Hiebert)

17-Dec-2002 -- I can see where this Degree Confluence thing can get addictive!

The nature of my job is such that I travel to remote logging camps on the BC and Alaska coast. An actual hike to a confluence point during one of my trips is almost out of the question, but, I thought it might be possible to get one or more “attempts” by air. An opportunity to try one of these presented itself on the morning of Dec 17th this year on the Queen Charlotte Islands, when returning to Sandspit from Sewell Inlet by helicopter.

53N 132W was not far off our flight path, so I was able to talk the pilot into taking a little detour as weather conditions were favorable to make a confluence attempt. We were able to locate the point using the GPS on the aircraft, pretty close to where I expected it to be. The point is on a steep hillside covered with heavy timber. We hovered over the spot at an altitude of about 100 ft. I took a photo of the GPS read out, then we moved slightly to one side to shoot the actual point as close as I could estimate. Still hovering, we then took a photo facing west, rotated to the south for another, then to the east for one more. I also took one more shot at the forest a point slightly south and east of the confluence point. Finally we rotated facing north for a shot of the hillside.

For anyone determined enough to make the actual site visit, it is accessible. The point is to the west of the camp at Beatty Anchorage, on Louise Island, though the point itself is on Moresby Island. There has been recent logging in the area and the point is about a kilometer from the end of the logging road. Access could be gained by several methods.

First, easiest, and most expensive would be to get a helicopter charter from Sandspit to drop you off at road end for a hike to the site. Second would be a fixed wing charter from Queen Charlotte City to drop you off on the beach at the mouth of the creek that flows through the valley the point is located in. You could then hike up the logging road, and through the forest to the site. The third, and most practical would be to drive from Sandspit or Alliford Bay to Moresby Camp boat launch, where you could launch a boat for the relatively short trip to the Creek mouth, and hike to the site.

As I mentioned, the point is in heavy timber, and it would be difficult to get any meaningful photos from the actual site. There are a few other points on the coast that I may be able to get some aerial photos of in time. They may help others in an actual site visit. In the mean time, it’s great sport trying!

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#1: View of 53N 132W
#2: Aircraft GPS read out 53N 132W
#3: 53N 132W view west
#4: 53N 132W view south
#5: 53N 132W view east
#6: 53N 132W view north
#7: 53N 132W view east south east
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