the Degree Confluence Project

Australia : Western Australia

17.0 km (10.6 miles) SE of Jibberding, WA, Australia
Approx. altitude: 284 m (931 ft)
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Antipode: 30°N 63°W

Accuracy: 35 m (114 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: One K to go #3: GPS 30s117e #4: Plenty of tracks but no emus seen #5: Not the best ground in the state #6: The B team #7: Lake Goorly looking south #8: Water very salty to taste

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  30°S 117°E  

#1: Lake Goorly looking north

(visited by John McDonald)

17-Jul-2002 -- After discovering that 31s 117e which is only about 80 meters from my Brother-In-law's farm boundary fence had been visited in 2001, we decided on a drive to 30s 117e to check it out.

My sister Laurice, niece Lorrice and myself left about 10am travelling seven kilometres east to Ejanding then turning north on the Dowerin - Kalannie road. The road travels north trough wheat and sheep farms that could do with some good rain for the new crops. The Kalannie area with a temperature of about 20c on this day and not a cloud in the sky might be a good winters day for confluence hunting but farmers might have another opinion.

Passing Kalannie we turned west on Glamoff Rd (first mistake: Note, buy better map) pass the bottom edge of Goorly Salt Lake. Trying to find a road that would take us more in a north easterly direction, we came upon the farm house of the Cail Family. Luckily Mrs Sally Cail was home with photocopier and detailed country atlas at the ready. Studying the new map found us on the wrong side of Goorly Lake; we decided to keep driving west until we hit the bitumised 'Great Northern Hwy' turn north 12 kilometres then east into Sanderson rd then south.

Travelling down the gravel road we came upon the closest point of 3.54 kilometres from our goal. After doing a good turn for the owner of the property (pulled a stuck ewe out of its water trough), drove down one of his bush tracks to the end, which left us with 2.5 kilometres.

One minor detail shown on the new map was that the confluence was shown in Goorly Lake!, but with a dry winter and the lake seasonal we decided to give it a go. Tracking over spongy ground covered in saltbush was not the best but these things have to be done. After only a kilometre the 'B' team of Laurice and Lorrice handed me the camera said good luck and bolted back to the car.

Making it to the lakes edge and still 880 metres to go it did not look good.Decided that with little water in the lake, would leave camera and GPS (just in case)and have a test run out a bit. Luckily the bed was OK so grabbed the gear and headed north.

After doing the GPS 'two step' for half hour in the middle of the lake, finally found the spot not actually in the lake at all but on a thin finger of land poking out into it. Thankyou Mrs Cail for the help.

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#1: Lake Goorly looking north
#2: One K to go
#3: GPS 30s117e
#4: Plenty of tracks but no emus seen
#5: Not the best ground in the state
#6: The B team
#7: Lake Goorly looking south
#8: Water very salty to taste
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In Lake Goorly.