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China : Héběi Shěng
41 degrees north, 118 degrees east (visit #1) - All Pictures

#1: N41E118就在中间那棵松树旁/N41E118 near that pine in the middle
N41E118就在中间那棵松树旁/N41E118 near that pine in the middle
#2: 从N41E118向东望去/Looking east from N41E118
从N41E118向东望去/Looking east from N41E118
#3: 从N41E118向南望去/Looking south from N41E118
从N41E118向南望去/Looking south from N41E118
#4: 从N41E118向西望去/Looking west from N41E118
从N41E118向西望去/Looking west from N41E118
#5: 从N41E118向北望去/Looking north from N41E118
从N41E118向北望去/Looking north from N41E118
#6: N41E118的最后校对/Final check on N41E118
N41E118的最后校对/Final check on N41E118
#7: 我们找到了!N41E118/N41E118, We got it!
我们找到了!N41E118/N41E118, We got it!