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18°N 44°E preview image18°N 44°E
6.6 km (4.1 miles) SSE of al-Ġāfiya, Najrān, Saudi Arabia
19°N 43°E preview image19°N 43°E
8.2 km (5.1 miles) SSE of al-Jazīra, `Asīr, Saudi Arabia
21°N 43°E preview image21°N 43°E
28.1 km (17.5 miles) SSE of al-Far`a, Makka, Saudi Arabia
22°N 42°E preview image22°N 42°E
8.9 km (5.5 miles) NNW of al-Khurma, Makka, Saudi Arabia
24°N 43°E preview image24°N 43°E
13.0 km (8.1 miles) NE of `Afīf, al-Riyād, Saudi Arabia
23°N 41°E preview image23°N 41°E
22.8 km (14.2 miles) NW of al-Jad`ān (Makka), al-Madīna, Saudi Arabia
21°N 45°E preview image21°N 45°E
63.1 km (39.2 miles) NNE of al-Khamāsīn, al-Riyād, Saudi Arabia
22°N 44°E preview image22°N 44°E
145.3 km (90.2 miles) NE of Ranya (Makka), al-Riyād, Saudi Arabia
23°N 42°E preview image23°N 42°E
33.6 km (20.9 miles) S of al-Dafīna, Makka, Saudi Arabia
23°N 44°E preview image23°N 44°E
115.4 km (71.7 miles) SW of al-Ruwayda, al-Riyād, Saudi Arabia
27°N 36°E preview image27°N 36°E
4.8 km (3.0 miles) SSW of Qal`at al-Aznam, Tabūk, Saudi Arabia
28°N 36°E preview image28°N 36°E
11.2 km (7.0 miles) S of Šiqriy, Tabūk, Saudi Arabia
26°N 37°E preview image26°N 37°E
22.5 km (14.0 miles) W of al-Zubayra, Tabūk, Saudi Arabia
26°N 43°E preview image26°N 43°E
29.8 km (18.5 miles) W of al-Dulaymiyya, al-Qasīm, Saudi Arabia
28°N 41°E preview image28°N 41°E
7.5 km (4.7 miles) ESE of Jubba, Hā'il, Saudi Arabia
24°N 44°E preview image24°N 44°E
35.7 km (22.2 miles) SW of al-Ša`rā', al-Riyād, Saudi Arabia
20°N 46°E preview image20°N 46°E
67.7 km (42.0 miles) SE of al-Sulayyil, al-Riyād, Saudi Arabia
20°N 47°E preview image20°N 47°E
154.7 km (96.1 miles) SE of Qasr Hamām, al-Riyād, Saudi Arabia
25°N 44°E preview image25°N 44°E
21.0 km (13.0 miles) E of Nifiy, al-Riyād, Saudi Arabia
19°N 47°E preview image19°N 47°E
164.0 km (101.8 miles) N of Šarūra, Najrān, Saudi Arabia
19°N 46°E preview image19°N 46°E
92.0 km (57.1 miles) E of Zalmā', Najrān, Saudi Arabia
18°N 45°E preview image18°N 45°E
58.2 km (36.1 miles) NNE of Bi'r Khubāš, Najrān, Saudi Arabia
21°N 44°E preview image21°N 44°E
81.1 km (50.4 miles) N of Habiya (`Asīr), al-Riyād, Saudi Arabia
22°N 43°E preview image22°N 43°E
75.7 km (47.0 miles) ESE of Marwān, Makka, Saudi Arabia
23°N 43°E preview image23°N 43°E
88.4 km (54.9 miles) ENE of Zalim (Makka), al-Riyād, Saudi Arabia
Total listed: 25
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