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Most recent 15 visits for al-Kufra, Libya (#1 - #15)

26°N 19°E preview image26°N 19°E
241.3 km (149.8 miles) ENE of Wāw al-Kabīr (Murzuq), al-Kufra, Libya
25°N 22°E preview image25°N 22°E
9.9 km (6.1 miles) NNW of Bazīma, al-Kufra, Libya
26°N 21°E preview image26°N 21°E
127.4 km (79.1 miles) WNW of Zīġan, al-Kufra, Libya
24°N 24°E preview image24°N 24°E
74.5 km (46.3 miles) ESE of al-Jawf, al-Kufra, Libya
[incomplete] [25-Sep-08]
24°N 21°E preview image24°N 21°E
103.2 km (64.1 miles) WSW of Rabyāna, al-Kufra, Libya
24°N 22°E preview image24°N 22°E
26.0 km (16.1 miles) S of Rabyāna, al-Kufra, Libya
23°N 23°E preview image23°N 23°E
114.4 km (71.0 miles) S of al-Tallāb, al-Kufra, Libya
23°N 25°E preview image23°N 25°E
160.5 km (99.7 miles) N of al-`Uwaynāt, al-Kufra, Libya
24°N 25°E preview image24°N 25°E
174.2 km (108.2 miles) E of al-Jawf, al-Kufra, Libya
[incomplete] [30-Oct-07]
27°N 20°E preview image27°N 20°E
260.2 km (161.6 miles) SSE of Marāda (al-Wāhāt), al-Kufra, Libya
25°N 21°E preview image25°N 21°E
104.7 km (65.0 miles) W of Bazīma, al-Kufra, Libya
27°N 19°E preview image27°N 19°E
221.9 km (137.8 miles) SE of Zilla, al-Kufra, Libya
26°N 22°E preview image26°N 22°E
59.0 km (36.6 miles) NNW of Zīġan, al-Kufra, Libya
25°N 23°E preview image25°N 23°E
77.9 km (48.4 miles) NNW of al-Hawwāriyy, al-Kufra, Libya
23°N 24°E preview image23°N 24°E
141.6 km (87.9 miles) SE of al-Tallāb, al-Kufra, Libya
Total listed: 15