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United States : New York

1.2 miles (1.9 km) NW of Lake Katrine, Ulster, NY, USA
Approx. altitude: 49 m (160 ft)
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Antipode: 42°S 106°E

Accuracy: 1 m (3 ft)
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#2: Looking east from the confluence. #3: Looking south from the confluence. #4: Looking west from the confluence. #5: GPS reading at the confluence.

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  42°N 74°W (visit #3)  

#1: Looking north from the confluence.

(visited by Matt Cavagnaro)

02-May-2004 -- This was the fourth state on a six state confluence over a 48-hour non-stop journey of fun, the weekend of May 1st, 2004.

Rejoining State Highway 9, I headed west towards the New York state line by way of Bennington, VT.

Bennington is a little mountain town in an open valley. There's a few gas stations, motels, and pretty much everything else you'd expect.

Time was ticking as I quickly drove towards the New York Thruway, hoping to cut south, get the confluence, and then quickly skirt back towards Boston getting confluences in both Connecticut and Massachusetts without missing my flight home.

Vermont State Road 9 turned into New York State Road 7 as I crossed the border. I cruised into Troy, NY and gratefully merged onto the fast, straight New York Thruway as the 35 mph speed limits of New England's mountain roads had earlier on the trip lost their charm.

I sped south through the suprisingly sky scrapered capital of Albany, and downstate with all the other weekend warriors headed back for the city. Signs proclaiming that NYC was a mere 90 or so miles away blurred on the side of the road as I made up time along the toll-excessive road. I slowed into Kingston, near the site of Woodstock (the 1969 version), and looped around the confluence on the local highways. Nearing the spot, I arrived in a small town and drove through neighborhoods doing my best to head in the right direction. Finally, a road headed out of town towards some farm land put me about 130 meters from the confluence located in an overgrown field. With no fencing or trespassing signs in sight, I walked into the field and took photos of the spot. No farm houses, or houses of any kind are visible from this spot, and it doesn't look like there's any effort to farm this field.

I jumped in the car and headed for Connecticut and two other confluences along the 42nd Parallel.

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#1: Looking north from the confluence.
#2: Looking east from the confluence.
#3: Looking south from the confluence.
#4: Looking west from the confluence.
#5: GPS reading at the confluence.
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