the Degree Confluence Project

Canada : Newfoundland and Labrador

3.3 km (2.0 miles) E of Meadows, NL, Canada
Approx. altitude: 188 m (616 ft)
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Antipode: 49°S 122°E

Accuracy: 28 m (91 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: North of confluence #3: East of confluence #4: West of confluence #5: GPS Capture #6: At the confluence and wet as a Newfoundland bog!

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  49°N 58°W (visit #1)  

#1: View of confluence area and south of it

(visited by Stephane Niles and France Castonguay)

29-Jul-2003 -- Attempted and found this confluence on our 2 week trip around Newfoundland, while camping in the Gros Morne area, on July 29th 2003.

After visiting the Newfoundland Insectarium that afternoon, we headed towards the Corner Brook / Summerside area and drove around to get a feel of the area. The confluence was obviously in the woods, about 2 km from the road. So, we found a good parking spot and headed directly towards it, hiking up a steep, rocky hill. We thought it would be a tough hike up, till we got to a wood logging road :) Ahhh, much easier!

The road led up to a large flat, boggy area that was crossed by a set of power lines. We decided to follow the power lines till we got "perpendicular" to the confluence. A few minutes later, as we were walking under the lines, we noticed a bird of prey circling us, and noticed it's nest on one of the towers.

This lead us to a second large bog, which we crossed. By then, our hiking shoes were soaked, but we trekked on!

At that point, the terrain got much rougher. We traversed thick "tuckamore" (dense but elven woods) and climbed up some rocky areas till we got to the most elevated point of the hike, about 200 meters. From that point on, it was mostly downhill and again through some boggy areas.

A couple of hundred meters later, it began to look like the confluence might have been in a pond (which in NFLD is what we mainlanders would call a small lake) that was below us... However, upon getting closer, we realised that it was actually across a small river that connected two larger ponds in the area... Thanks goodness, we didn't bring our swimming trunks, and it was rather cool today... From there on, it was a few more hundred meters and we made it to the confluence site, under some trees, surrounded by mosquitos and the nice sound of water flowing nearby.

Our "expedition" took about 2 hours to get to the confluence and about 1.25 hours to get back to our car. We celebrated by treating ourselves to some "Mary Brown's" before heading back to camp!

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#1: View of confluence area and south of it
#2: North of confluence
#3: East of confluence
#4: West of confluence
#5: GPS Capture
#6: At the confluence and wet as a Newfoundland bog!
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