the Degree Confluence Project


near Hällvattnet, Jämtland, Sweden
Approx. altitude: 333 m (1092 ft)
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Antipode: 64°S 164°W

Accuracy: 10 m (32 ft)
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#2: Looking north #3: Looking east #4: Looking south #5: GPS reading #6: 500 m east of 64Nx16E. #7: Grazing reindeer near Lycksele

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  64°N 16°E (visit #1)  

#1: Looking west

(visited by Henrik Sunden)

03-Feb-2002 -- Left Boliden at 8:50 a.m. in an attempt to reach 64N 19E. 314 km to drive and maybe 600 m skiing, as it looked on the car atlas. The temperature was just below 0C.

Beautiful sunrise.

Saw a few reindeer close to Lycksele, one of them digging deep in the snow to find lichen and grass. Passed Hoting and drove 23 km to road intersection towards Rossön (26 km), turned east and drove 4 km to the little village Hällvattnet (3 houses, not inhabitated at this time of the year).

As the name indicates, there were rocky cliffs just north of a lake. The terrain looked very steep. I did not have a topographic map, so I could not easily determine a good way up to the confluence, which should be 970 m north of the road where it passes the westernmost living house. I drove another 500 m east to pass the steepest slopes, and found an unploughed forest road (Trehörningen 1.7 km).

Started skiing up the road at 1.15 p.m. The snow was deep and soft, the skis sank 30 cm and the advance was slow. The distance to the confluence was 1.26 km, and did not decrease, so I was travelling in a perpendicular direction, but it was at least uphill. The compass of the GPS said the confluence should be south of the steep hillsides, so I turned left.

Now I was in a 10-12 year old pine plantation, progress was extremely slow because it was impossible to keep a straight course in the dense vegetation, thick snow and sloping terrain. After 1 hour, the GPS said the confluence should be at the crest of the big hill to the north. I could not go in that direction, but had to go further southwest to find passable terrain.

There I found a valley with old spruce trees, still laborious terrain, but advance was less slow. I passed the highest point and found a clear-cut area. The GPS said the confluence would be 500 m to the west in a thick old pine and spruce forest. It was not long until sunset, but the terrain sloped downwards and it was easy to go across the clear-cut area. In the forest, the GPS said the confluence would be 140 m to the east, uphill a very rocky section with 5 m vertical cliffs. I had to go around them. After 100 m, almost on top of the mountain, I checked the GPS again, with clear view in all directions. Now the confluence was 190 m to the west. Back again in the same ski-track with the GPS on all the time.

Found the exact location at sunset. It had taken 2 hours 15 minutes to go those 1260 m. The forest at the confluence point looked very old, with many fallen tree-trunks. It should be protected.

Chose to go along clear-cut areas on the way down and passed the westernmost house in the village. Took 40 minutes to reach the car. I was soaked wet from sweat. At least I got good exercise for upcoming skiing and cycling adventures!

Passed Kattisavan near Lycksele on the way home to visit a friend. Spent a few hours planning a mountain ski tour the forthcoming Easter. Arrived home at midnight.

Things to remember: GPS accuracy is not very good in a dense coniferous forest. GPS must be held absolutely level to give the correct compass direction when the magnetic compass is used.

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#1: Looking west
#2: Looking north
#3: Looking east
#4: Looking south
#5: GPS reading
#6: 500 m east of 64Nx16E.
#7: Grazing reindeer near Lycksele
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