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United States : Kentucky

4.9 miles (7.8 km) W of Glasgow, Barren, KY, USA
Approx. altitude: 231 m (757 ft)
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Antipode: 37°S 94°E

Quality: good

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#2: Car on target #3: Laptop w/GPS reading #4: The COW marks the spot #5: Lookin WEST on Hwy 80

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  37°N 86°W (visit #1)  

#1: Barn in field east of target

(visited by Roger Rockwell and Mary Jo Rockwell)

23-Dec-2000 -- With have a couple of days off for the Christmas Holidays, this was a perfect time to visit my brother in Louisville, Ky. At the same time I see Kentucky is a very notable state. Number one. According to the Confluence Program page there have been no verified confluences in Kentucky also this is the last state to have at least one logged. A check of the map showed that 37 N 86W would be only about 7 miles east of I 65 on Hwy 80. I would make this my target.

We left Pensacola, FL later than I wanted on Dec 23, 2000. We ran into a fair amount of rain and traffic around Montgomery, AL. This slowed us up even more. The long and short of it is that by the time we got to the confluence it was cold and dark. Not suitable for taking any pictures, however, I could see that the target was in an open field that should be accessible. We continued to Louisville to return on Dec 26, 2000. Having the previous intelligence information, I did not take Hwy 80 (toll road) this time but got off of I-65 at Park City and headed south on 255 to 86. Then passed under Hwy 80 until Bishop Rd. Bishop Rd then takes you back under Hwy 80. From there is a small dirt road that leads into the field. I was actually able to drive my car into the field and stop right on the confluence.

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#1: Barn in field east of target
#2: Car on target
#3: Laptop w/GPS reading
#4: The COW marks the spot
#5: Lookin WEST on Hwy 80
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