the Degree Confluence Project

Australia : Western Australia

5.0 km (3.1 miles) SW of Burma Road, WA, Australia
Approx. altitude: 231 m (757 ft)
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Antipode: 29°N 65°W

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#2: Mini at s29e115. #3: Looking west. #4: Looking south. #5: Typical Dongara tree. It's windy out here!

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  29°S 115°E (visit #1)  

#1: Panorama looking north towards the Marloo Homestead.

(visited by Mike Manessis and Katherine (Mini) Manessis)

28-Jan-2001 -- Having attempted s30e115 and visited s29e116, s28e116 & s28e115 in two days we spent the night just north of Geraldton in Drummond Cove. At about 10am the following morning my daughter Mini and I headed south to s29e115 about half way between Geraldton and Dongara.

On the southern outskirts of Geraldton we bought a box of sun ripened tomatoes (a rarity these days in cities) and watermelon from a roadside stall and further on, freshly picked mangoes from the back of a van.

We turned off the Brand Highway at Bookara Road East onto another gravel road and drove toward our final confluence for the weekend. From the road, the confluence was about 1.5 km to the west and south of the property's house and sheds. We introduced ourselves to the manager of "Marloo" who agreed to let us drive through the paddock to the confluence.

This property was 3001 acres in size and, judging by the stubble on the ground, was used for growing cannola. A flock of pink and grey galahs screeched and wheeled in the air overhead as we made our way to a gate in the fence further up the road.

The photos took about 15 minutes and in my haste I did not correctly load a second film for a panoramic sequence. Luckily, photos on the first film were sufficient to record the visit.

We bought some lunch at the Dongara Bakery and headed home to Perth about 4 hours drive away. The trip was uneventful except for the rain which was not expected at this time of the year. Mini and I had a great time, covered 1511 km of countryside most of which had not been seen before and are looking forward to the next confluence odyssey.

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#1: Panorama looking north towards the Marloo Homestead.
#2: Mini at s29e115.
#3: Looking west.
#4: Looking south.
#5: Typical Dongara tree. It's windy out here!
#6: GPS confirmation with glare from clouds.
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