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near Gistrup, Nordjylland, Denmark
Approx. altitude: 5 m (16 ft)
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Antipode: 57°S 170°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
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  57°N 10°E (visit #5)  

#1: Location of CP 57N 10E

(visited by Thomas Barthel)

19-May-2011 -- A trip to my friend in Norway gave me the possibility to visit several confluence points. The fifth one of this journey was the CP 57°N 10°E, located about seven kilometres southeast of the city centre of Aalborg, Denmark.

Inside the city of Aalborg I left the motorway E45 and headed direction Gistrup. Before reaching this outskirt of Aalborg I had to take at least four roundabouts. The Danish like it! The last one took me direction south to Gistrup. It is an industrial park and a street with a dead end leads to the closer area of the confluence point. Only five kilometres after leaving the motorway the Confluence area was reached. When I came nearer I recognized the house with the Confluence in its wall. That’s what I read in the report of a former visitor. Maybe here I will have to climb on a roof to find the many zeros on my GPS-screen, I thought. I turned the car at the dead end (Picture 09) which is marked by a huge mobile broadcast antenna. I took the picture of the location (Picture 01) and found a building of a car seller (JBA – J. Bloch Auto – Picture 08). It was very early in the morning so nobody was there at the time. At luck I found the Confluence Point about one meter in front of the building wall. So I did not have to do acrobatics to reach it! Blue sky gave me a good reception. Only the building disturbed the reception with an accuracy of +/- 3 meters.

This Confluence was very fast and easy to visit because of the infrastructure and the accessibility. The next Confluence I wanted to reach was the CP 58°N 07°E, near Lindesnes, Norway.

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#1: Location of CP 57N 10E
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#3: View to East
#4: View to South
#5: View to West
#6: GPS reading
#7: GPS signal strength
#8: Car salesman
#9: Antenna at dead end
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